Farmhouse breakfast – a perfect way to start the day

The majestic peaks of the Texel Group will awaken your spirit for summit conquests, hiking adventures and exhilarating bike rides. But first, treat yourself to a farmer’s breakfast, freshly prepared with lots of love by the owner herself from the farm’s own produce.
Enjoy our delicious selection of ham and bacon, fresh milk, cheese, yoghurt and other dairy products with your homemade, fresh and tasty bread*. Fruit spreads*, honey, fruit*, compote* and homemade fruit juices*, syrups* are also available for your enjoyment. Farmer Annemarie also offers a delicious selection of coffee and tea* made with dried herbs from the garden. Our contented farm hens lay a fresh egg* every day. Annemarie loves to whip up a variety of tempting egg dishes with them.
From February to April, you can enjoy a seasonal breakfast in our own breakfast room. Just ask and we’ll make your mornings extra special with a breakfast basket of mouth-watering treats delivered to your holiday apartment door – the perfect way to start the day with your family.
Once fortified, you’ll be ready for action, fully prepared for the many adventures to be had on and around the farm.
* Farm’s own products