A heart needs hands, and hands need a heart. Tibetan wisdom

Experience the farm

Sweet, colourful fruit and healthy vegetables flourish beneath the golden sun. Join us in this luscious fruity paradise.
Our family has been cultivating the fields of Vettererhof for more than a hundred years.
Originally, the Vettererhof was a thriving hub of livestock farming and wine production.
Come the 50s, orchards slowly took over from livestock at the farm until animal husbandry was completely phased out by 1962.
We opened the Vettererhof doors to our first holidaymakers in 1958.
Today, the farm’s orchards are bursting with an assortment of apple varieties. We’ve been growing heritage apple varieties and stone fruits on our own field for 10 years, embracing the ethos of permaculture. The old wine cellar has recently been brought back to life. Every year, we use it to store the Souvigner Gris PIWI variety grapes that we grow on our own meadows.

Weekly tours of the farm, focusing on the farmer’s working world and nature-related life at the farm.