Farm as a source of power

06.04. - 18.05.24

7 days holiday apartment for 2 people from € 580

Fragrant flowers, tasty herbs, fresh fruit, clean water, vegetables from your own garden. Life on the farm offers many treasures. Follow the rhythm of nature with us.

Included services:

  • 7 days in our cosy holiday flats on the farm
  • Fit with green juices
  • Harmony in movement
  • MuseumMobilCard

Details of the services

  • 7 days in our cosy holiday flats on the farm
Our farm is located in the heart of Lana, right next to our orchards. After an impressive day, the large sunbathing lawn in the middle of our own orchards invites you to relax. Feel the swaying ripple of the "Vettererhof Kneipp stream" and surrender to the warm rays of the sun.
  • Fit with green juices
Green wild herb smoothies and wild herb juices are a pure elixir of life, full to the brim with vital substances, minerals and high-quality proteins; their chlorophyll has a blood-improving and cleansing effect. Chlorophyll is green sunlight! One of the most effective life-giving substances on our planet, a tank of energy and vitality. "Go Green" is the motto of a new generation of people who live in harmony with nature full of joy and enthusiasm. Introduction to herbs and their beneficial effects on the garden terrace, followed by an experiential lecture with preparation of green smoothies.
  • Harmony in movement with Kneipp
Exercise increases the zest for life and helps people by strengthening their bodies, harmonising not only the musculoskeletal system, heart and circulation, but also the metabolism and nerves, in short: all the body's systems find their balance and make people more resilient, relaxed, relaxed, stronger, more efficient and generally more relaxed in the face of the demands of everyday life. Kneipp and health trainer Annemarie will accompany you on this journey.
  • MuseumMobilCard
The museumobil Card combines two offerings, the South Tyrol-wide travel card and admission to more than 90 museums in South Tyrol.

Apartment 1 665,00 €
Apartment 2 665,00 €
Apartment 3 665,00 €
Apartment 4 665,00 €
Apartment 5 580,00 €
Original farmstead apartment Gravenstein 1.120,00 €
Original farmstead apartment Champagner 1.225,00 €